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Poems for Global Change


S.K.'s Video

V.E.'s Video

A.K.'s Video

R.L.'s Video 

A.G.'s Video



I send my words out into the air listening for yours from everywhere.


I hope to change theworld some day


to see the people happy to say, what good place to stay.


I see the men cutting the grass.


I see the women driving past.


See the boys saying yes


See the girls wearing a dress


I see the dogs playing with a stick


and see the cats having a pick.


I hope to see a happy world


Not a world in a swirl


So welcome to my world


By: O.K.







Please use this website to help you complete today's activity.

constellation website



World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day was a huge success. Thank you students for your hard work today. We read aloud with Mrs. Conrad's class and did partner reading (via Skype) with Brook Forest Elementary in Oak Brook. We also read poetry aloud to students at Van Meter Community  School in Iowa. One highlight of the day was Skyping with Donna Gephart, author of How to Survive Middle School and other books. Mrs. Gephart even wrote about her experiences Skyping for World Read Aloud Day on her blog. You can see what she wrote here.


Donna Gephart discusses World Read Aloud Day




We have been learning all about The Iditarod. 5K students have become quite the experts. I am anxious to see who will win the race. Do you think a new record will be set this year? I am beginning to think it is a real possibility. Wouldn't it be amazing if Martin Buser broke his old record? We had a great time playing SLEDO (Iditarod vocabulary and trivia bingo) with the Van Meter students in Iowa.




World Read Aloud Day will be here soon!! I look forward to sharing this exciting day with you again this year!






Create your own Hugo Cabret story at this website. If you create one I'd love to see it!! - Ms. K


Create your own Hugo Cabret story.





Look at what we have been up to in our classroom this quarter!


We were visited by colonists during our living museum. Here are some of the colonists who visited us.


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 48c27660cb184ebdacc0e09649d30f44


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 2c37e9318a7243b8bba284f5accb1985






Guess what?

I just found out there are some Ramona books by Beverly Cleary that I have not read. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! When I was in elementary school I read every Ramona book I could get my hands on. I just found out that there were three books published after I was in elementary school that I never read. Can you guess what I am buying at the bookstore tomorrow morning? (The photograph above was taken at the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden in Portland, Oregon. Which character do you think it is?) I would have rushed to the store tonight but it was already closed. 





We are having fun connecting with the 5th grade students at Brook Forest Elementary School. Click below to go to the Edmodo webpage.  


Edmodo Website



Check out these Origami Yoda's Joey made!! I started an Origami Yoda page to share our art.





Rahadi suggested a space where we could share book suggestions. This is a great idea. Please use this wallwisher to share what you are reading.


Book Suggestions




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